Morph Management Group's Recent Promotions Signal Growth

The Morph Management Group leadership team recently advanced an associate to a management position. According to LaToya, the firm's Director of Operations, this is following a spike in growth.

​Periods of expansion are always exciting times. They represent opportunities to meet new people and take on new challenges; they also signify recent success. LaToya indicated that Trent, one of the company’s up-and-coming associates, has been advanced to an assistant manager position. She stated that this is the latest of many Morph Management Group promotions.

“Trent has shown us every day how much he deserves this assistant manager role,” LaToya said. “He is goal-oriented and a complete people person. Although he struggled when he first joined Morph Management Group, his focus on learning and growth has made him one of our leading associates. He demonstrated this with his recent success on a campaign for a global electronics brand.”

LaToya stated that Trent has a background in food service as well as acting. She believes his experience helping and entertaining people is part of why he has accomplished so much.

Even more importantly, she praised his team spirit. “Trent is very helpful and caring and wants other people to succeed along with him. He pushes people to reach their goals and always goes the extra mile when we ask him to take on a new task or train a new person.”

“As assistant manager, Trent will be charged with learning about all the company operations,” she said. “It is a short-term role in which he will work on gaining knowledge about recruitment, administration, networking, and leadership. I am confident that he will be extremely successful in this position and will soon be advancing to manager.”

Morph Management Group’s Director Discusses Leadership Techniques

LaToya also shared some of the techniques used by Morph Management Group associates to maximize their effectiveness as leaders. For example, the firm has been conducting team nights twice a month. “Trampoline night is one we’re looking forward to later this February. We’ll also be going bowling and perhaps out for dinner afterwards.”

Volunteering has been a big team builder for LaToya as well. “We plan to be involved in the Special Olympic events in our area. One of our team members has a son who is involved and we plan to help where we can.” 

She also stated that the management team is focused on developing a clear vision for the firm. “Everything we do is guided by our core values and our vision for the growth of the company,” she said. “All of our short-term goals support our strategic aspirations. This level of structure keeps everyone motivated and focused.”

She added that challenging her people is another key leadership method. According to LaToya, constantly pushing associates to perform keeps them energized and focused. She asserted that this was part of her motivation for advancing Trent.

“People like to learn and grow,” she explained. “By giving them work that will push them outside of their comfort zones, I have been able to keep all of the team members engaged. I think that feeling fulfilled professionally is the most influential motivator. Of course, acknowledging and rewarding successes is also very effective.”

About Morph Management Group Inc.

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