Morph Management Group Traveled to R&R Event in Punta Cana

Several Morph Management Group associates have returned from an industry getaway in the Dominican Republic. LaToya, the Director of Operations, described her team's excitement over the event.

Four team members from Morph Management Group attended the event which included sales and marketing professionals from around the United States. The conference, which began with an award ceremony, was an excellent networking and learning opportunity, according to LaToya. She asserted that attending events like this is an excellent way to help her associates develop their skills.

“There is so much knowledge and insight being shared at these gatherings,” she explained. “People from different markets come together to share their ideas and experiences. It is the perfect setting for seeing the cutting edge of our industry. Of course, the fact that this retreat took place in sunny Punta Cana didn’t hurt either!”

LaToya selected Lauren, Patrick, and William to go with her to the all-inclusive Hard Rock resort. She indicated that these individuals were chosen because they have been top performers recently. The opportunity to go to this rest and relaxation event, which takes place every year, is a coveted prize for Morph Management Group team members.

“Everyone got to have fun, enjoy some good food, and relax,” LaToya stated. “Additionally, we got to network with other experts in our field. The whole event was filled with entrepreneurial energy and really built up everyone attending. We are all very excited to see how the new ideas we picked up will play out over the coming months.”

Morph Management Group’s Director of Operations on the Value of Travel

According to LaToya, offering travel opportunities to Morph Management Group associates has many benefits. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the boost to morale. People not only have fun when visiting new places, they also feel more energized when they have travel plans in the future.

“Today’s business world is all about empowering your people,” she added. “So, offering them chances to travel just makes sense. They learn more and are more excited about their work. Getting away also tends to lead to more creative thinking. Experiencing a different culture can be the perfect way to get inspired and think about novel solutions to pain points.”

Breaking the daily routine is beneficial for stress relief as well. LaToya asserted, “The positivity and freshness of changing things up is great for keeping a great outlook. Taking some time to travel is a valuable self-care investment. I strongly encourage business leaders to send their people out on the road once in a while.”

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Source: Morph Management Group