Morph Management Group Discusses Travel and Recognition

The Morph Management Group Director of Operations discussed the team's latest retreat. She also addressed the leadership's approach to associate recognition, as well as the benefits it offers.

“My colleagues and I have settled back into the office after our rest and relaxation retreat in Las Vegas,” said LaToya, Morph Management Group’s Director of Operations. “We had a great time networking and celebrating another successful year for our firm and our industry overall.”

According to LaToya, the retreat strengthened the team’s commitment to growth. The relationship-building they did with other attendees ensures that the Morph Management Group associates will have access to ample support, insights, and other resources from experts throughout the nation. As such, these connections will push the team closer to their personal and group goals.

“I’ve also noticed that the interactions we enjoy at industry events really boost confidence,” LaToya stated. “My team members feel more self-assured, and subsequently more motivated to pursue ambitious objectives. It’s amazing to see.”

Morph Management Group’s Director Highlights Recognition and Team-Building Efforts

“Giving Morph Management Group associates the opportunity to travel is one of the many ways I express my appreciation for their hard work,” LaToya continued. “When we get out of the office together, we also get to focus on one another at a personal level. Such experiences enhance the bonds between us, making for greater collaboration when we return our attention to work.”

LaToya described some other effective means of recognition and team-building. For instance, she explained that clear, open communication is a must. When people know what is expected of them, and understand how their efforts fit into the progress of the whole, they are eager to unite with a common purpose. Honest, respectful feedback and the willingness of leadership to share information are important as well.

“I’m also quite deliberate when it comes to giving rewards,” LaToya added. “I prefer to do so in the moment, as opposed to offering praise or anything else during a performance review months after the noteworthy work is complete. I also think it’s essential to offer rewards that people actually appreciate. I get to know each team member to find out what he or she values. This way, I can give book lovers gift cards to our local bookstore, and to our basketball enthusiasts I can offer tickets to upcoming games.”

“Opportunities like the Las Vegas retreat, in addition to our environment of appreciation, never let us down,” LaToya concluded. “They spark excitement and growth on a multitude of levels. We’re already looking forward to the next team-building event!”

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Source: Morph Management Group, Inc.